a2jmidid is daemon for exposing ALSA sequencer applications in JACK MIDI system.


Patchage showing how a2jmidid is used as bridge for ALSA sequencer apps, PHASEX, QSynth, jackctlmmc, seq24

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  1. For related discussions, you are invited to join Libera.Chat channel #ladi
  2. Use issue tracker at codeberg.org

There is also jackaudio.org version of a2jmidid at GitHub, which served as a safe harbour in cases when suitable LADI version was not available (Thank you!) and could do so again in far future.

Other useful info

a2jmidid is written and supported by Nedko Arnaudov. a2jmidid is based on jack-alsamidi-0.5 (jackd alsa seq midi backend) by Dmitry Baikov.